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Discovery DXpeditions are 1-man, holiday-style activations from a public beach or park. On the days I operate I must pack my equipment from my sailboat, transport it by dinghy to a beach or other public area (where permissible), and finally setup the antennas and radios. I often use a portable sun shelter with a camping table and chair. I cannot leave equipment unattended on the beach or park, so when I QRT for the day, I have to tear everything down, transport it by dinghy back to my sailboat, clean it (the marine environment is harsh) and repack it for the next op.


As a 1-man holiday-style DXpedition I have some limitations...
  1. I will not be on the air 24/7. (If you want to SKED a QSO please email me, but please be mindful that I only rarely operate during times of darkness at the DXpedtion QTH.)

  2. My primary modes are CW and FT8. Occasionally RTTY and Phone.

  3. I will primarily operate on 20 meters, 17 meters and 15 meters and 10 meters.

  4. I am most comfortable sending/receiving Morse code at about 17-18 wpm. (If you don't QRS to at least 20 wpm or lower I will not QSO.)

  5. QRN, QRM, and QSB may prevent me from hearing your call sign and you may have to QSR a few times. (Please be patient and I will keep working you until I copy it correctly.)

  6. Be respectful of the DX Code Of Conduct!


You can track my sailboat and see my current location by going to the "Where Am I?" page. Many of the islands have questionable internet access, and I do not have Internet service aboard my sailboat. So, some DXpedition activations may experience a delay in uploading to LoTW. QSL cards for DXpeditions will be sent twice per year. 

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