Sail Inventory

S/V Discovery carries the 4 sails listed below. 

  • Full Batten main with 2 reef points (Neil Pryde #15797)

  • 135% Genoa (Neil Pryde #15797)

  • 125% Jib (Spare - Neil Pryde )

  • Asymmetrical Spinnaker (Multi-color)

(NOTE: Dimensions coming soon)

Why no storm sails?

S/V Discovery has a rather short 12 foot boom. With the second reef in the main sail the area of the main is smaller than a storm trysail. Additionally there is no storm jib sail. I am not a big fan of the ATN Gale sails and the like. IMHO they are more of a gimick than a useful safety kit because they put the center of effort too far forward in a storm. 

My key storm (gales 35 knots and greater) is to furl the headsail, reef the main to it's second reef and run with the storm. If the boat starts to surf I will deploy the Shark drogue to slow forward momentum. If this is unsustainable then I will deploy a 16 foot parachute anchor off the bow to ride out the storm.