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About A.R.S. WA7WJR

I initially pursued my amateur radio license in preparation for cruising the Pacific in my sailboat and being able to participate in the SSB cruising nets. 

I studied electronics at Eastern Technical High School in Maryland, and a 20-year career at Microsoft helped me grasp the technical aspects and revive the electronic interests in me. Soon I was spending hours reading blogs and forums to enrich my mind and feed the craving.

By January 2017 my 'shack' was built, and WA7WJR was on the air. My first contact was an SSB contact with KA6LMS (Last Man Standing). I joined the OMISS and 3905 Century Clubs. In February 2017 after a few months of practice and listening to morse code I made my first CW contact. I built the first antenna i used to make my first contact which was a G5RV, and experimented with a few loaded coil dipoles and verticals. I built an Elecraft K2 kit and had so much fun I sold it and bought the Elecraft K2/100 and KAT-100 kits which i still have and love. I also like to build Ardruino projects for the shack and my sailboat.

I enjoy travelling and operating as a 1-man "holiday-style" Dxpedition, as well as being an active "activator" and volunteer mapping representative for Parks on the Air (POTA). I also love chasing DX and special event stations and "hunting" POTA activators when I can't get out there. I sometimes play the role of a little pistol contester, and still enjoy the occasional rag-chew on CW. 


Electronics and coding was a hobby long before it became a profession. I still like to piece together Ardruino projects and also code some utilities that are useful for ham radio.

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