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Error checking for Park number  (including park number in a SIG_INFO field)
1.       Is there a dash, not more than 1 dash, can’t be first, can’t be last
2.       Does the prefix before the dash only contain letters and numbers
3.       Does the suffix after the dash only contain digits

4.       If the park number in the MY_SIG_INFO field does not match the park reference on the form a mismatch error will get thrown.

Error checking for callsigns (this includes station call sign, operator call sign, and call signs in the CALL field)
1.    Call sign does not contain more than 2 forward slash characters or 2 forward slash characters together, or forward slash cannot be first or last character
2.    Call sign does not contain any space or punctuation; only contains letters or digits
3.    Call sign contains at least 1 digit
4.    Call sign must at least be 1x1 call

5.     If there is a STATION_CALLSIGN in the ADI file and it does not match the Station call sign in the form, a mismatch error will be thrown.

Error checking for Date:
1.    Must be number and formatted correctly (yyyyMMdd)
2.    Date of any QSO cannot be greater than current date

Error checking for Time_On:
1.    Must be number and formatted correctly

Error Checking state/province:
1.    If the park designation is US (K) or Canada (VE) then a drop box will be active and force selection of state/province
1.    The MY_STATE field will only contain 2 characters if US or Canadian park.
2.    If US/Canadian location on the form does not match the MY_STATE field in the input file, a mismatch error appears.

Error checking for Band
1.    I check the band matches any allowable band from 160M – 1MM; anything else throws an error

Error checking for Mode
1.    I check the mode matches a mode listed in the ADIF spec, and also any mode listed in N3FJP’s mode list, and include C4FM because HAMRS logs it as a MODE rather than a sub-mode. 


Error check for minimum fields in each record.
1.    I verify each QSO record has CALL, BAND, MODE, DATE, TIME_ON, and STATION_CALLSIGN and OPERATOR (if included in the original file)


I know that if there is an operator field then a STATION_CALLSIGN is not necessary. However, a station call sign is required on the form, so if a STATION_CALLSIGN is NOT in the ADI file it will be added automatically using the call sign from the form.

If the US State or Canadian province is enabled and selected, and there is no MY_STATE field, then the MY_STATE field will be automatically written to the output. I know this is not always required, but this simplifies things.

If the park is not a US state or Canadian province and the ADI field contains a MY_STATE field, that field and data will be preserved in the output.

It is possible with some logging software (HAMRS) that the OPERATOR field can have entries, and also empty strings (blank). I don't check for this, and not sure how the POTA backend handles this either. If this is a big issue, I can add it.

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