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Discovery DXpedition Donor Honor Roll

My 1-man DXpedition travel is completely self-funded and use my own personal equipment. However, the remote nature of some places I visit, my travel by sailboat, and operating in mostly marine environments takes a toll on equipment. So, if we had a QSO, or if you appreciate my "Discovery Dxpeditions," and wish to see them continue in the Pacific and SE Asia I would very much appreciate a donation via PayPal to help with maintenance and repair of radio equipment, and support of children on the islands!


I am humbled by the generous support and kind words I received from the following individuals. I am truly touched by your generosity, and I vow to "pass it on." So, 20% of all donations received (and any additional funds not directly used to repair/replace damaged radio equipment) will be donated to an orphanage or children's charity at my next DXpedition location.  Additionally, I will personally match the amount that WE donate to the children!

I would like to sincerely thank the following individuals for their generous donations.

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Daniel Andre Montaigne
Richard Stempien
Scott McCarron
Brian Kobus
Dean Adinolfi
Albert Zinnatullin
Alan Armstrong Cheshire
Brian Keefe
Chip Lohman
Lee Hatfield Jr.
Preston Moore
Michael Bragg
Robert Gibson
Patrick Dolan
Abiko Naoto
Robert Gulley
Wendy Baum
Gerald Sadlo
Mark Winslet

Steve Dyer
Aleksandr Muravev
Aleksandar Petkovic
Fernando M. Garcia

Mark Ward
Senichiro "Sen" Konagai
Philippe Mangelinckx
James Thomas
James Dickman
Bartolomeo Giannico
Scott Sc
Temple Hager
Kirk McCullough
Thomas L. Bosscher
Atsuro "Atsu" Nakada
Antonio Mendes
Arthur Gibson

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